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Okay, so where you buy your dream wedding dress from may not seem like the most important decision in preparing for your big day however some of the following considerations are still extremely valid and are best not overlooked.

The physical location is extremely important. Shopping for your gown should be an enjoyable occasion, not a drudge or stressful activity, and this extends to your whole entourage. Selecting a town or city where parking is plentiful, accessible, great value and within a minute or two away from the boutique is key to getting the day off to a good start.

What do you do before or after the appointment? This can obviously depend on the time of day but often revolves around visiting a coffee shop, whilst waiting for your time slot, or a bar for that celebratory cocktail, hopefully, as the party toasts the buying experience and the bride-to-be in taking such a momentous decision. Again, so the moment isn’t lost, it’s helpful to have such establishments close by to the bridal shop.

The above also applies, to some degree, for subsequent fitting appointments and the final outfit collection. Does the boutique have kerbside collection or parking very close by? There’s nothing worse than lugging a freshly-steamed gown through the streets when it’s raining or very windy! The outlay for the perfect wedding dress should not be risked on such lotteries.

A bridal survey showed that most potential brides travel up to 90 minutes to visit a boutique. The great news, for those looking for outfits in Staffordshire, Cheshire, Derbyshire and also parts of Shropshire, Lancashire, and Yorkshire, is that the Bridal Quarters, in Leek, ticks all of the above boxes! Whether or not you’ve had time to refresh after a little journey, you’ll be sure of a warm welcome with the offer of a drink, alcoholic or otherwise.

Leek, known as the Queen of the Moorlands, is home to many quality coffee shops, pubs, bars, and restaurants and is worthy of a visit to explore or using as a base to visit the beautiful countryside and attractions nearby, such as Alton Towers. Why not book into a local guest house or the Premier Inn, housed in the town centre?

We hope to welcome you and your party to our beautiful market town soon…

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